Challenge the Mind! Can You Get the Fox Out?

Our fun filled escape rooms provide exactly that.

You and your team have 60 minutes to escape a themed room by scavenging for items and solving interactive puzzles.


The better way to spend 60 minutes

3 – 6 Players

60 Minutes


7404 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121

1 – 5 Players

60 Minutes


7404 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121


What is an escape room?

You and your team will assemble in a themed room and will be given one hour to find clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission and “escape” the room.

Is this scary?

Yes, it will scare the crap out of you, so better bring a spare pair of pants and a security blanket to cry into. Just kidding, none of the rooms are scary and there are no live actors.

Are phones allowed?

Phones are not allowed, but they can be stored in the lockers provided. For special circumstances please let the host know. (note, the need to check Instagram and TikTok doesn’t count, mmkay.)

Are the rooms private?

Yes, rooms are solely booked for you and your private group, so nobody else will see how badly you perform, just kidding. The optimal group is around 4-6 players. Contact us for larger groups.

How much is it?

Free! That’s correct, parking here is free. As for tickets, Moriarty’s Manor is $37 per person and Black & White Cafe is $32 per person. There is also a transaction fee.

Is there an age limit?

Our rooms are appropriate for all ages. We require that children under the age of 18 be accompanied by a paying adult, an Avenger or one of the X-Men.

Real feedback from real players

  • Home Page  Staff there are super nice and friendly! The puzzles are very interesting! Best escape room experience!

    thumb 雨晴

    Home Page  Our group of four had a blast solving Moriarty's Manor at Mindfox a couple months ago!  No spoilers ahead.  The atmosphere of the escape room was dark and fit the period it was trying to represent well.  The puzzles were challenging but fair, and there were some novel ones sprinkled throughout that were very fun to solve!  The staff were attentive and responsive throughout, and gave just enough detail in their hints to keep things moving without spoiling the fun or confusing us.  We got through the room with minutes to spare on the clock.  Will definitely have to plan a trip back to Mindfox to try their other rooms!

    thumb Shelby E.
  • Home Page  We played the black and white cafe. It didn't feel like a "traditional" escape room (in the best way possible). I have played more games than the rest of my group and it was easy to understand and still difficult enough for us to want some hints. We were lucky to finish with seconds to space. Really really well done and fun. Will be back

    thumb Daniella A.

    Home Page  A ZILLION stars for MindFox Escape. I took my  daughter and her 9 year old twins last night for an adventure and we had a blast! Interestingly, when we first arrived my grandson got overwhelmed with anxiety complete with  crying and beseeching, fearing he was for some reason going to be terrified if he entered the rooms.It was a frustrating, confusing and awkward few moments till Dana stepped in.  She gently invited him to accompany her as she led him on a "private tour" through the rooms, calmly reassuring him the whole time. We were so grateful for that extra effort because it made all the difference in the world whether or not we were going to be able to do this at all. As for him, once we got started  he became 100% a highly enthusiastic and determined detective , busily deciphering clues. The event was a total success. We all had a wonderful time and loved, loved loved the staff, especially Dana, and Victoria who was feeding us occasional clues to get us when we got stuck. Everyone was so friendly, so welcoming and so upbeat that it made the event extra special for us. In the car on the way home we discussed when we want to go back again because it was just sooooooooooooo much fun!

    thumb marsha s.
  • Home Page  We did four escape rooms (Hillcrest, Linda Vista, and Mission Valley) in San Diego in 2023, and MINDFOX WAS THE BEST BY FAR. Our group was one adult and three children (ages 11-12) in Moriarty's Manor in April 2023. The facility is immaculate (strong AC), the staff is friendly and professional, and the escape room is full of a variety of puzzles that require all senses and team work. The props are high quality. We can't wait for them to open the third room!

    thumb Susan P.

    Home Page  Moriarty's Manor was an amazing Escape Room. It far exceeded our expectations. My daughter is a big Sherlock Holmes fan so we treated her and a few friends to this experience for her 15th birthday. Everyone had a blast! I highly recommend it!!!

    thumb Lyda Mae Y.
  • Home Page  My partner and I have done approximately 60 escape rooms over the years and this one easily is within the top 10! We did Moriarty's Manor and it was immersive, large, and exciting. Not only was the staff friendly and helpful, they even got me a birthday cupcake to make it all that much more special. Solid 10/10!

    thumb Dallas D.

    Home Page  I've only been to a few escape rooms but this by far was the best for kids and adults. The small touches and welcoming staff/team that are there kick off a great start. Challenging room but fun all around. I definitely recommend if you're looking for something to do with family, friends, or even a work outing. We already told them we were coming back.

    thumb Christian M.
  • Home Page  Omg. My mind was blown away from the two amazing games here. First I did the black & white cafe just me and my hubby. I have done close to 200 games, and this game is super unique. How they put the clues together is very well done. We had an amazing time. Then I did their second with my coworkers. A team of 5 barely made it in time. There is an outside knowledge riddle that we got caught up on. Everything else was top notch. Interesting  puzzles and great set. Love love love!! I look forward to their new game!!

    thumb Nicole W.

    Home Page  Fantastic game and experience. Best Escape room I have been to. It was challenging, yet engaging the entire time. As a visual learner, I appreciated the sensory clues! Made a huge difference for me. Staff where extremely helpful and nice. The entire place was extremely clean! With our a doubt one of the best in SD

    thumb Stephanie H.
  • Home Page  This was one of the best escape rooms I've participated in! The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed getting to know them. We arrived about 15 minutes early and received instructions. The room itself was very clean, which is greatly appreciated. We had four people and we loved the theme. The space is well built. The staff added a special touch with group photos and even gave me a cupcake for my birthday. It was so thoughtful! I would 100% come back next time I'm in town. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

    thumb Jenni K.

    Home Page  Appreciate the friendly customer service, atmosphere and the actual escape rooms. They welcomed us with a nice banner - "Ko Family". was sweet. enjoyed the escape room and my family of 5 with girls ages 16, 14, and 11 all had a great time. we finished one of the rooms with 12s to spare!

    thumb John K.
  • Home Page  MindFox was an absolute blast! I was down here for a mini moon with my wife. I was calling around each escape room in the area, and MindFox was highly recommended by another room.

    The owners are fantastic!! Really great honest people who shares the joy of escape rooms.

    Black and White Cafe couldn't have been better. It's a theme I haven't seen anywhere except for in Asia for an actual cafe. Now I don't have to go to Asia to explore the fine details of a black and white room!

    The game flowed well. Visually, it's beautiful. The puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty for us. Perfect for 2 people for a date night!

    Oh yeah, we had a very nice personalized welcome right when we walked in. And I love the pictures at the end were photo both style. That's another thing I have yet to discovered.

    Highly recommended!

    thumb Tony G.

    Home Page  These rooms are amazing!  I've done over 250 escape rooms, and both rooms here are top notch and full of surprises.

    The Black and White Cafe is so cute and whimsical. Really creative theme, puzzles, and just a good time.  We booked this room since it was a very unique concept, and we were not disappointed.

    After having so much fun with Black and White Cafe, we decided to book Moriarty's Manor for the next day.  We even shifted around our weekend plans just to make it happen.

    Moriarty's Manor is challenging, atmospheric, and has plenty of Easter eggs for Sherlock fans.  Great puzzles and plenty to do in each room.  

    Not only are the rooms incredible, but we had the best experience from start to finish. MindFox really puts in the extra effort to make the whole visit enjoyable and exciting. We had a blast!

    Special shout out to Victoria for being an amazing GM for us for BOTH rooms and the wonderful owners who really made our experience amazing!!!

    thumb Elliott L.
  • Home Page  I've been to MindFox as a participant, a team building manager, and a parent and each time I couldn't have been happier with my experiences.

    I first went as a player with a group of 6 to the Manor and was blown away. As a teen I played puzzle games like Myst and Phantasmagoria and the setting made me feel like those games came to life.  The creativity and level of detail the owners put into each room and puzzle is nothing short of astonishing.  We chose to not be aided but needed a little help near the end.  The staff knew just when and where to help and kept a great balance.  After the experience I couldn't wait to tell everyone about it.

    For the holidays I brought my staff of 5 back to the Moriarty's as a gift and a team building activity.  They had an amazing time and I could tell they learned something about each other and became better colleagues after.

    My two kids have each taken groups of friends, ages 8-11, to the Black & White Cafe.  Both times were epic experiences for all and their excitement and amazement continued even days after.

    The staff are great to work with and are super helpful and friendly.  I had to reschedule my staff's event and it was very easy.

    I would HIGHLY recommend MindFox for any groups looking to try something new and extremely entertaining.

    thumb Efren C.

    Home Page  Did the black and white cafe. Really well done props. Simple but elegant. Unique puzzles. I was worried when my group solved the first half of the room within the first 10minutes, but they got us in the second half. With a group of 5, we got out with 10ish minutes to spare.

    10/10 would recommend the black and white cafe for true beginners. I'd consider the room very easy for any group that's done more than a handful of rooms together before.

    thumb David L.
  • Home Page  Family run business in a location that's a little tucked away in this part of San Diego. Still, once you find it, you will find fabulous rooms that will challenge all levels of expertise and ages. We brought our 5 year old and a bunch of teenagers to one of the rooms recently and everyone had a blast. Our 5 yr old was a little scared of the music they were playing and they accommodated his request to have it turned off right away. The most important part is of course, the puzzles, and they put in a lot of time and effort to make them challenging (but not impossible) so that when you solve it, you feel a great sense of accomplishment. We will be back!

    thumb Andy H.

    Home Page  Wow. I was amazed at how well done the room and puzzles were. Everything was so well made, artistic, and high quality. Some puzzles were simple to understand and some got me really thinking really hard. Some puzzles were also interactive, which was a surprise. I had a great time and can't wait to try the other room. We did the Black and White Café and is a great choice for a first timers or a group of friends. We needed a few hints, but we were able to finish, thankfully.  Our host, Tiffany, was really nice and patient with us. The whole team we met were really great too! Bonus star for having a very clean bathroom. MindFox is a really fun escape room experience and honestly the bet one I've been too.

    thumb Aj D.
  • Home Page  My boyfriend and I wanted to see if we could solve a room, just the 2 of us. We booked Moriarty's Manor, even though the minimum number of players is supposed to be 3 or more. Well, I'll jump to the end...we did not solve it in one hour! LOL. BUT we still had a blast. The time we did spend trying complete the room was fun and exciting, and there are some very creative clues along the way. We will absolutely go back again and finish that one and try Black & White, too.

    Like others have said, the hosts are so sweet and warm, and the owners, who we got to meet as we were leaving, were really cool!

    Even though we didn't solve the room, we both left with smiles.

    thumb Tamara R.

    Home Page  Went with a group of 4 on a Friday evening (made the reservation a week in advance). The game masters (shout out to Victoria & Tiffany) was attentive, friendly, and really helpful! We did Moriarty's Mansion and it was so much fun. Half of group are escape room veterans and the other half were newbies, but the veterans still struggled with some of the puzzles. Good thing there's unlimited hints!

    Highly recommend Moriarty's Manor for both veterans and new comers to the escape room scene. Definitely interested in trying their Black & White cafe

    thumb Genovese L.
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