Challenge the Mind! Can You Get the Fox Out?

Our fun filled escape rooms provide exactly that.

You and your team have 60 minutes to escape a themed room by scavenging for items and solving interactive puzzles.


The better way to spend 60 minutes

3 – 6 Players

60 Minutes

Moriarty's Manor logo

Save the man. Save the myth. Save the legend. You and your friends must follow the clues in order to rescue Sherlock Holmes before it’s too late!

7404 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121

1 – 5 Players

60 Minutes

le noir blanc cafe

Introducing San Diego’s first 2-D Escape Room where you and your friends must solve fun puzzles to prevent being trapped in a colorless world forever!

7404 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121


What is an escape room?

You and your team will assemble in a themed room and will be given one hour to find clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission and “escape” the room.

Is this scary?

Yes, it will scare the crap out of you, so better bring a spare pair of pants and a security blanket to cry into. Just kidding, none of the rooms are scary and there are no live actors.

Are phones allowed?

Phones are not allowed, but they can be stored in the lockers provided. For special circumstances please let the host know. (note, the need to check Instagram and TikTok doesn’t count, mmkay.)

Are the rooms private?

Yes, rooms are solely booked for you and your private group, so nobody else will see how badly you perform, just kidding. The optimal group is around 4-6 players. Contact us for larger groups.

How much is it?

Free! That’s correct, parking here is free. As for tickets, Moriarty’s Manor is $37 per person and Black & White Cafe is $32 per person. There is also a transaction fee.

Is there an age limit?

Our rooms are appropriate for all ages. We require that children under the age of 18 be accompanied by a paying adult, an Avenger or one of the X-Men.

Real feedback from real players

  • Home Page  Appreciate the friendly customer service, atmosphere and the actual escape rooms. They welcomed us with a nice banner - "Ko Family". was sweet. enjoyed the escape room and my family of 5 with girls ages 16, 14, and 11 all had a great time. we finished one of the rooms with 12s to spare!

    thumb John K.

    Home Page  Would highly recommend. Not only is the room awesome (best I've done yet) but the people who work there are too! My friends and I (total of 4) did Moriarty's room. The puzzles were challenging, fun and creative. It was definitely a very fun room with so much to do that everyone could work on something different. You could tell they put a lot of creativity, heart and soul into everything. The people who worked there were also good about respecting how much help you did or didn't want. We asked for no hints and didn't get any. There was also no clock inside too which made things interesting, it focused you attention on the game rather than how much time you have left. Go check it out if you haven't already. We'll definitely be coming back for their other room.

    thumb Jessica H.
  • Home Page  Definitively one of the best and most fun escape rooms I have ever done!The puzzles and solutions were all clever and satisfying. The staff were also wonderful, incredibly friendly and helpful.

    thumb Jess C.

    Home Page  Very enjoyable room. Requires team collaboration which was a great element for our family.

    thumb Louie K.
  • Home Page  Nothing but positive remarks about Mindfox and the quality of their rooms and the specialists that have created them!

    We completed both rooms, two very different rooms, and they both had so many brilliant qualities about them that set them apart from other escape rooms we've been to. Their puzzles stretch your thinking so you really need to bring your A+ game for a thorough experience.

    When you start down the escape room journey, you get nervous that companies will run out of ideas and will not produce creative, exciting experiences. That was not the case here. I didn't think I would say this but Moriarty's Manor was my favorite room I've experienced thus far.

    We had a large group (14 people) and they took great care of us - from strong communication planning the experiences to helpful & enthusiastic hosts as soon as we arrived. Overall, superior service provided and you can tell they've done the research and love their craft. We cannot wait to return to try their third room!

    thumb Rose M.

    Home Page  This was pretty easily the nicest, most well made, and friendliest staffed escape room I've ever been to.  We did the Sherlock room, and I can't wait to do their other room.

    thumb John N.
  • Home Page  I've only been to a few escape rooms but this by far was the best for kids and adults. The small touches and welcoming staff/team that are there kick off a great start. Challenging room but fun all around. I definitely recommend if you're looking for something to do with family, friends, or even a work outing. We already told them we were coming back.

    thumb Christian M.

    Home Page  MindFox was an absolute blast! I was down here for a mini moon with my wife. I was calling around each escape room in the area, and MindFox was highly recommended by another room.

    The owners are fantastic!! Really great honest people who shares the joy of escape rooms.

    Black and White Cafe couldn't have been better. It's a theme I haven't seen anywhere except for in Asia for an actual cafe. Now I don't have to go to Asia to explore the fine details of a black and white room!

    The game flowed well. Visually, it's beautiful. The puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty for us. Perfect for 2 people for a date night!

    Oh yeah, we had a very nice personalized welcome right when we walked in. And I love the pictures at the end were photo both style. That's another thing I have yet to discovered.

    Highly recommended!

    thumb Tony G.
  • Home Page  The black and white cafe one is so good! Lots of interesting and unexpected puzzles. I recommend no more than five people for best experience!

    thumb 乐瑶

    Home Page  Omg. My mind was blown away from the two amazing games here. First I did the black & white cafe just me and my hubby. I have done close to 200 games, and this game is super unique. How they put the clues together is very well done. We had an amazing time. Then I did their second with my coworkers. A team of 5 barely made it in time. There is an outside knowledge riddle that we got caught up on. Everything else was top notch. Interesting  puzzles and great set. Love love love!! I look forward to their new game!!

    thumb Nicole W.
team building



If you are looking for a team building activity as a way to increase and improve creativity, communication, bonding and camaraderie among your employees, our Escape Rooms provide exactly that.

Each room presents a unique and interactive environment in which everyone contributes to team building ideas. These games spark conversation around the skills that are developed and team strategy used to accomplish the end goals. They also encourage reflection about what could’ve been done better. We offer options for teams of all sizes! Contact us now to book your room.

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Emotions and happy faces are the best gifts ever!

Buy a gift card for friends or a significant other and let them pick the game, date and time they would like to play.

Gift Cards are a hassle-free and awesome present for everybody!




An escape room celebration is unlike any other. Whether you are celebrating an event for children or adults, you will make a lasting impression with our expertly and professionally designed games.

The puzzles and clues may not take the place of a birthday cake, but they are certainly more fun. We tailor each escape room party to your unique celebration and number of people.

Your party will work together to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and discover hidden messages in an enclosed environment that they will try to escape from.

7404 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121


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